Community Supports

Community Supports can help people with a disability learn and complete everyday tasks in their own home or achieve things in the community. We can support on daily activities in the community like attending supported groups or employment, shopping or meeting people. You can receive community supports to attend our events at The Sixth St Cafe, or elsewhere. And we can provide Supported Independent Living quality care in your own home to give you true independent living. We are Elsy and we can’t wait to meet you! 

Community Supports is a support service that helps you to learn and complete everyday tasks and goals you may have.

This type of support is provided one on one and is offered in a range of environments, including a support worker coming to your own home.

These can be things such as: personal care, preparing and cooking meals, baking, handling finances and financial transactions, utilizing public transport, assistance with attending appointments, participating in community activities, maintaining and creating relationships and more! 

At ELSY whatever support you want we want to provide it with Love & Compassion so you can Live Cool. 

LOTS! Do you need ELSY Support Workers to come to your home to help with morning or evening routines? Or maybe you want to learn to cook? Or maybe you just need an extra hand every now and then? It’s up to you.

Our services include

  1. Supported transport in our wheelchair accessible bus
  2. Providing supports to help you access the community from everything to shopping, classes, employment or social events
  3. In home care including personal care, medications management and activities of daily life
  4. And so much more!

YES! Our Support Workers can provide these supports in a range of places including in your own home. We can provide basic or complex care to support you in your journey to independence. Our staff are super experienced in Supported Independent Living, and we can bring the same expert care including medications management to your own home!

Of course! Learning & Care (L&C) is all about helping you learn to do some, or even all, of these tasks on your own. Over time, this may mean you need less support from us or other service providers which is EXCELLENT!

We have a super expert team of 65 support workers who have a minimum of 1 year experience in disability support work. This awesome team is called The Elsy Family – they look after our participants like their own family members. 

We have a super expert management team and a team that is focussed on care quality, training and participant satisfaction. Quality is what we do – try us out and we will stay good to our word. 

Community Supports » Community Supports

65 Highly Trained Staff

  • Adding 5 staff per month​
  • Psychology Grads​
  • Former Teachers​
  • Pharmacy Assistants​
  • Engineer​
  • Mental Health Nurse​
  • Assistants in Nursing​
  • Lived Experience ​
  • Chefs
  • Arts & Crafts Makers​
  • ​9 languages
  • Drivers licence, Workers Checks 30+ induction courses One Team. Elsy.

All Providing Disability Support

“We are here for the whole journey”

“We want you to have fun and feel safe”

“If I have made a real positive difference to my NDIS clients life – then that’s amazing”

“I enjoy the fact that every day is different at Elsy and there is a focus on learning new things and encouraging fun”

“We work hard for our NDIS clients but with a smile – they deserve nothing less”

“We are creating something new – and that means we don’t have fixed ideas – we want to hear from our NDIS clients, their families and their coordinators of supports around what could be ideal and Elsy has supported that”